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We sat down with the up and coming 44DEEP to discuss their journey so far in the music industry, where their inspiration stems from, fashion and their future plans.

44 DEEP is a collective of young cre8tives, hailing from London & The West Midlands. The group consists of 4 members, 3 rappers & 1 producer. (JiggyFromThaSouf, 8TRED THA GR8, Benjamin Bailey & Prvximiti.) If they had to describe their music they would describe it as “the soundtrack to your favourite movie.”

They all have our own individual styles. But one thing they do have in common is that they're not afraid to risks. They all put together outfits that suit their own personal styles but also and make a statement with the way that they dress.

Here's their Q&A Session

1. So guys how did you develop an interest in music respectively?

Ben Bailey answers: I grew up around music. Music was always exposed to me from a young age, from trips in the car with mum & she’d have her music playing ranging from Mary. J. Blige to Maxi Priest.

Then you have my Dad who is a DJ, So he was playing lots of different kinds of music to me which ranged from Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, to The Beatles. Also my older brother, Matthew (Who is also a DJ, go check him out @nuwavesabre)

Blasting garage music for hours on end, definitely exposed me to even more different sounds. Thanks bro LOL.

2. Having entered the music industry at a young age, how old where you when 44DEEP booked your first set?

As a group we were all in-between the ages of 20-22 when we got booked for a first show. Which took place in Birmingham.

3. What were you doing before you became artists and what inspired you to pursue music?

I guess we were all the process of figuring out that it’s music that we want to pursue. We are all still quite young, but deep down we’ve always wanted to be musicians, before we even knew we wanted to be musicians! & that’s why we’re all here together now. Its definiently not by chance.

4. Up until now, what has been the toughest part of your career so far?

I think we would all agree on staying consistent has been the hardest thing for us. We haven’t put out as much music as would’ve liked over the past year & that’s down to us. The music industry is moving faster than ever & everything is coming in as quickly as it goes.

We don’t wanna just flood the market with a product that we’re not 100% happy with, but at the same time because of the times we’re in. You kinda do need to be flooding everything. Your Spotify page, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram all need to be constantly moving. Other wise people & the algorithm’s will forget about you. So we have to remain consistent & keep the belief.

5. What would you say is the most overrated part of working in the music industry thus far?

Backstage! There’s not as much food, drink & b**bies as we thought!

6. Outside of music, what would you like to explore next as a collective?

We all love fashion & we all definitely wouldn’t mind creating our own Drill London collection one day (Wink, Wink). Interior design, film. Anything creative really, we are very open and try take inspiration from everything that’s around us.

I know some of us have environmental goals & projects that we wanna explore in the near future, so be on the lookout for those as-well!

6. How do you decide which brands to partner with, and how do you ensure that your fans are receptive to sponsored content?

If you’re creating a dope product & your values align with ours, then we’re open to working with you. We wouldn’t work with brands who aren’t creating good content or a brand that doesn’t really stand for anything. Our supporters know we don’t really work with just anyone so when do see us working with someone, they do trust us.

7. What do you like about Drill London?

Like we said we support brands with strong values and an ethos we believe in. So your ethos of challenging perceptions & turning a negative into a positive is exactly how we like to think.


Name your current favourite artist in the industry? - Ourselves

Favorite venue to perform at? - Suki10c located in Birmingham. Had one of our best shows ever in there.

Your Go-to outfit? - Tracksuit bottoms. All day.

Highlight of your career so far? - Seeing music have an impact of people, seeing people recite the lyrics to ours songs. Just seeing the people really & building a family with our supporters.

Best moment of 2019? - Having the opportunity everyday to progress & evolve to become better people. But also using our platform to encourage others to do so.

Instagram or Snapchat Stories? - Instagram!

Any exciting 2020 projects that your fans should know about? - Yes we’ve got music coming, videos, Merch, more shows , just more every thing. Consistency will be key.

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