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DAY 1: Our Story Part 1

The story of Drill London starts here...

I've always wanted to own and run a successful business. In the years before Drill London I had a go at a couple of different businesses from selling household items on eBay and Amazon to vehicle sales. The problem with me trying to start a business in those fields was that I didn't really have an underline passion for them. Hence the reason for their shortcomings. After the early failures I decided not to start just any business thinking I could make it successful. But try my hand at a starting up a business that I had a real passion for, as I knew if I actually had a passion for what I was doing success would follow.

Music and fashion go hand in hand, I've always been one to discover new genres/ artists and dress quite stylishly (in my opinion lol) even-though 99.9% of the time you'll see me in a simple tracksuit. Unfortunately I deemed myself not talented enough to pursue a music career (lord knows I've tried) but business and fashion was something I knew I could build on. After looking into the fashion industry, I knew it was something I wanted to get involved in but I didn't know how I was going to create something that will carry a message and give back to the industry. As well as do justice to what I wanted the brand to represent. You know... like create something with substance as opposed thinking of a catchy name/ logo and banging it on products for sale which I felt I saw on so many occasions.

I've been a huge fan of drill music. Ever since one of my boys played me 'don't like' by Chief Keef back in 2013 I was sold and from there, followed the culture all the way to the UK with Section Boyz and 67, (Literally every time we'd go to the club no matter what city, we'd throw in our drill/trap requests to the DJ, even 'til this day!). At this point I really immersed myself in UK rap, trap and drill and fell in love with the culture which at that time was odd for me, as for the first time I actually preferred the UK scene over the US. For me this shift in my preference showed me that the UK had amazing talent and brought a new lease of life to the music industry as I knew it.

Drill London's first cap sketch

We can go all the way back to August 2018 where the Drill London story started. August that year was crazy hot, it was infact the first summer I had seen where the grass had turned yellow due to the heat from the sun lol. I was simply chilling at home, trap YouTube playlist on the TV, when Air Force by DigDat started playing through the speakers. I instantly fell in love with the track, playing it on repeat for most of the afternoon. That evening I thought to myself, how can I get involved in this industry? I can't rap, sing, produce etc but then it hit me... create a clothing line representative of myself and the culture.

A month later I put pen to paper and started the planning process. I wrote all my ideas down from potential brand names to funds required to start. I sweated on youtube finding out about how to make a website, make clothes, market the brand, manage funds and use google ads. Around three weeks later I had the name... Drill London. 'Drill' as that was the genre that generated my new found love for the UK scene and 'London' as this is where I picked up drill music from across the pond in the US.

That week the logo had been finalised and plans organised into a to-do list for my target launch date. There was loads to do but I had the fire lit inside me to do justice to myself and the brand. Unfortunately that took a knock when something hit me... Ok, I've got the brand name down, I know what I want to make and how I want to sell it but what did the brand represent? What were its values..? The simple answer at that point was nothing. The brand was nothing but a logo on a collection of clothes and accessories I had sketched on paper.

Part 2 coming soon, stay frosty! If you enjoyed the read make sure to slide into the DM or send an email, let me know your thoughts!

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