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DAY 1: Our Story Part 2

Jumping back into the Drill London story so far, picking up from the first road block in part 1 of the DAY 1 blog series.

After what had been a #lit creative process so far, the lack of substance was frustrating to say the least. My only choice was to go back to the drawing board and ask myself what I wanted the brand to represent. To answer the question I wanted it to be an extension of my style, values and interests but communicating this information to my target market turned out to be a struggle at first.

#Tilthisday I feel like a lot of people and situations are misunderstood and misrepresented. I can recall numerous occasions where I have been misjudged by people who don't know me, which I suppose isn't really a big deal right? I mean, it happens to everyone at some point... But that being said, I remember thinking at the time 'it would be nice if someone took the time to actually get to know or have an open mind about people instead of going off face value'. The more I thought about it the more I realised how big the implications were and not just for Drill Music. The more I explored the subject the more I came to realise, It wasn't just about the music or the clothing for me... it is something everyone can relate to. I felt the message was so big it needed to be part of the very fabric of the brand, translated through the clothes and accessories I design, I needed it to be the brands ethos.

#ChallengingPerception was born along with the Doberman symbol that evening. Both form what is now know as the Drill London Ethos.

Why the doberman? I chose the doberman as the brand symbol because, on the surface it looks aggressive and dangerous but get to know the animal and its characteristics include; being family orientated, they are incredibly loyal, intelligent and good with children. All characteristics you wouldn't know if time isn't taken to get to know the doberman's DNA. For me it was a no brainer and embodied what challenging perception actually is, It was perfect fit.

The Drill London Doberman

Ethos down, designs drawn up, it was time to crack on with the rest of the to do list. From building a website and setting up social media accounts, to creating tech packs of my designs and sourcing factories, I managed to knock down task after task. After most of the foundation was down the first big step was deciding what to drop first, how many pieces and when.

As I was literally starting out using my savings at the time I decided to drop 3 caps in limited numbers and build the brand from there. Caps fitted most people regardless of size and seemed like a good substitute to what I really wanted to manufacture which was tracksuits (as I'm always in one). I ordered samples from two factories and chose the best one in terms of quality, factory communication, lead times and price per piece. All that was left to do was build the rest of foundations for the brand whilst I waited for the bulk order to be delivered.

Finally it was time to start reaching out to people and let them know who Drill London was and what Drill London brings to the game. Fiends, family, artists, producers, labels and everyone who had ever inspired me up to that point (even if it was small) was on my list and the feedback was interesting, very interesting indeed.

Part 3 coming soon, stay frosty! If you enjoyed the read make sure to slide into the DM or send an email, let me know your thoughts!

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